CISM training

 DZ Prostějov is completely equiped for training jumps and coaching in many disciplines:

directly on place there is

  • our own Turbolet L-410 Aircraft for 18 skydivers
  • huge and safe place for landing
  • big accuracy mattress
  • electronic target “zero”
  • video system ground to air for style(!)
  • coaches, instructors and videographers.

Of course there is as well videorooms, teamrooms, creepers and everything what is needed for high professional training.


Our specialization is CISM disciplines, ACC, STYLE, FS, AE – freefly, freestyle, and Wingsuits.


Our Chief Coach is Mr. Jiří Blaška:



Mr. Blaska’s skydiving history:

- Studied for coach of parachuting at Karlova Univerzita (Charles University) in Prague.
- Specialized for army competition CISM - accuracy, style, and formation skydiving.
- Trained 3 national teams in the long term. They were doing well within a lot of competitions and gained several medals.
1) Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) 1988 - 1990; 2002 - 2006
2) Denmark 1998 - 2001
3) United Arabic Emirates 2007 - 2008
Kateřina Papežiková, Jindřich Vedmoch, Jiří Gečnuk - three world champions in parachuting who were brought to sport by him and got ready due to him for their first jumps.


Our DZ hosted for example World Championship 2005 in style and accurancy,9th FAI European Formation Skydiving Championships & 16th FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving and 6th FAI European Artistic Skydiving Championships & 7th FAI World Cup of Artistic Events.